Miscellaneous topics

This page contains Links to external sites that contain useful information that does not fit anywhere else.


Category:- Food

A set of items related to food

App Name Links App Description Help
Scores on the Doors web-site

Scores on the Doors

A site that shows the hygiene rating given at the last inspection for all restaurants and other food place is the UK.

You can search on a variety of criteria including

  • Post code
  • Map of the UK
  • Etc.

There used to be an App to access the data. It is now only available via their website.

New:-2023-10-11 Cost: Free

Category:- Instruction manuals

Helpful documents on a variety of non computer products

App Name Links App Description Help
iFixit - Instruction manuals web-site

Comprehensive list of support/Instruction manuals

A site giving help/advice on products

To quote their website:

Repair guides for every thing, written by everyone. We help thousands of people repair their things every day. Every time you fix something, you help the planet.

New:-2022-12-01 Cost: Free