John Steele

Summary of Qualifications

John Steele is a retired Information Technology Specialist who has in-depth skills across the IT industry. This knowledge has been acquired through working for over 50 years in the industry.

Before he retired his recent work had been for the defence sector, and other security sensitive government projects, where his broad knowledge base and experience enabled a unique insight into security vulnerabilities, especially at the network and security layers. He has experience in both hardware and software design and implementation as well as working with security accreditors to achieve an accreditable design in systems that carry a high protective marking.

The level of detail about some projects and clients provided below is constrained by confidentiality considerations due to the nature of the work undertaken.

Professional Qualifications

Current Certifications Year
BSc Hons Electrical Engineering 1963
Member of British Computer Society (MBCS) 1991
Chartered Engineer (CEng) 1998
Chartered IT Professional (CITP) 2003

Technical Expertise

Area Years
Hardware design 25
Operating system kernel design/implementation 5
Network Architecture/implementation 40+
Software design and implementation 40+
System Architectures 20+
Computer manufacturer 14
Financial market (Trading room) system architecture 7
Defence Sector systems design 20
Software/systems/security consultancy 20+


Where When
Manchester Grammar School 1954 to 1960
Manchester University 1960 to 1963

Specific Technical Skills

Area Years
Experience with design, implementation, and ongoing support, of remote access to Application software providing compliance to relevant Data Protection legislation (including accountability for user actions) and implementing appropriate technical defensive measures depending on whether commercial levels of security and system availability was adequate, or whether far more stringent measures for government high availability and sensitive systems were required 30
Familiar with the Cabinet office Security Policy Framework and particularly with the related topic of Auditing and Protective Monitoring 10
Expertise with TEMPEST threats and related protective measures 20
Networking, including secure design for LAN, WAN, and satellite communications for commercial and military applications, and problem investigation 40+
Visualisation of both Server and Desktop using mainly VMWare 8
Automation of VMWare environment deployment using PowerShell 3
Windows Operating Systems from Windows 1 onward 30
Software development tools e.g. Visual Studio 20
Familiarity with most of the current programming languages including C, C++, C#, Python, Java etc. 25
Knowledge of XML/XLST technology 10

Relevant Project Expertise Years
Large Defence system project delivery 20
Finance sector project delivery 10

Summary of Industry Expertise Years
Computer manufacturer 15
Special hardware and software design 10
Defence contracts 20
Finance sector 7

Summary of Project Experience

Contract with HP from June 2014 until retirement at end of 2018

Role = Network/Security Architect

The system was supplied, and operated, as a managed service for a government department.

Contract with HP from Jan 2014 to Feb 2014

Role = Network/Security Architect

Network design enhancement for a proposed major expansion to a current IL4 Government system

HP internal project from Sep 2012 to Oct 2013

Role = Technical/Security Architect

Technical consultancy on Security for an internal IT IL3 system accredited for connection to government networks

HP for government contract from Oct 2011 to Aug 2012

Role = Technical/Security Architect

Thin client/VDI Desktop system for a sensitive government system

HP for government contract from Feb 2011 to Oct 2011

Role = Technical/System implementation

Automation of AppV sequencing for applications that support “silent install” using a standard installer. This process also requires programmatic interaction with VMWare ESX to control virtual machines and was implemented using PowerShell.

HP as consultant to government client from Dec 2009 to Feb 2011

Role = Technical/Security Architect

Prototype/proof of concept of a design using thin client solution to deliver streaming video/web access from remote resources with varying security/reputation challenges across a common network

EDS/ATLAS consortium at Reading and then Hook from Dec 2008 to Dec 2009

Role: System and Network Architect


EDS member of bid team to government department from Dec 2007 to May 2008

Role: network/security lead


EDS - Delivery of urgent operational requirement for MoD from Nov 2006 to May 2008

Role: Technical Architect


Operational system comprising initially three resilient interconnected sites supporting initially 700 rugged workstations and fully integrated into the NATO HQ was fully installed in "Theatre" in under 5 months and received commendation from UK government department as an "exemplar project"

Prior to EDS/HP

BT Syntegra From 1992 to 2005 (2003-2005 as contractor)

Bid for SCOPE project

Role: Technical Leadership


Bid and then Due Diligence to take ownership of a UK County Council IT as a managed services

John worked on the council’s site for many months to evaluate all of the IT systems being used by each Directorate in the council to establish whether they were technically fit for purpose as the managed service and to make proposals for remediation where there were deficiencies. The council IT staff would become BT employees (TUPE) when the contract was put in place.

A number of significant security issues were identified and a very serious software licencing error, made by a previous system supplier, that could have resulting in a claim for a large sum of unpaid licenses was discovered. These issues were all brought to the council’s attention and remedial actions were put in place urgently and the project was granted to BT. John then worked on site during the first phase of migration of the services to BT ownership.

Bid and Implementation for Land Systems Reference Centre at Blandford

Role: Technical Leadership


Soroban Systems Ltd From 1990 to 1992 and 2003 to 2005

Role: Owner and Principal Consultant

Consultancy services to a number of clients including BT, DrumGrange and Berkshire County Council including security documentation, implementation of software for a prototype for a bid etc.

Data Logic From 1976 to 1990

Role: Initially Chief Engineer of Engineering division, then consultant to sales team for dealing room bids to financial institutions followed by Technical Support Manager to Japanese partner living in Tokyo.

Example projects:

Computer Technology (CTL) from 1970 to 1976

Role: Initially joined as a hardware design engineer but became Team Lead and design authority for the Operating System Kernel team


Ferranti Wythenshawe from 1963 to 1970

Role: Initially a junior engineer responsible for the logic design of the Argus 400 computer and several other related components and then promoted to a senior engineer with responsibility for selection of, and designing interfaces for, most standard peripherals (e.g. printers, punches, card and paper tape readers) and the Magnetic Tape controller. The Automation Systems Division in Ferranti supplied Industrial Process Control computers building on their success with the Bloodhound military system computers.